Studio XIII Stripped---Intimate portraiture for LGBTQ folx

I’ve been asked a few times if I do “Boudoir Photography” and my immediate response is somewhere between yes and no. I’ve ended up creating some beautiful portraits with clients but I struggled with how to market the kind of work I was producing because it didn’t really ever feel like boudoir.

One of the first sessions that I can remember doing was for a friend after she lost her mom, and wanted to feel seen and feel beautiful again. We filled my bathtub in my home full of flowers and chatted and created some really stunning photos.

In the last 2 years I’ve documented a close friend through his transition and use of testosterone. We photographed not only photos to show the changes that a body goes through, but also the intimacy and sacredness of a T shot routine.

I realized that I wanted to offer something in-between what I would call a creative portrait session and “boudoir”. The photos that I want to offer to create for folks are intimate portraits that can only be pulled from a place of pure vulnerability and trust, but without the need or goal of “sexy photos” (unless thats what you want and I’m so down for that!). Don’t get me wrong, I love boudoir photography and I know so many amazing other photographers who do it beautifully, but if you look at a lot of tips online for boudoir photography, it’s a lot of “poses” and angles for how to shrink bodies into “flattering” forms. And to me, part of what makes the LGBTQ community so resilient is that we constantly defy the norms that society tries to hold in place for us.

So here we are. Welcome to Studio XIII Stripped. Where you strip down (literally or figuratively), and bear your soul, your heart, your skin to celebrate the resilience and beauty of being purely human.

Whether your’re celebrating the body you’re in, documenting scars, wading through grief, or gifting yourself the ultimate “love myself” appreciation gift, I’m here for all of it. I want to take the time to hear your story, to reflect back to you the incredible person that you are, through a collection of images that feel like you.

So how does this all work?

When you book your session we are going to chat about the goal and the purpose of the photos we are going to create. By knowing this, I can help guide you through conceptualizing a shoot that is completely tailored to you. It could be as simple as being naked in the woods or as complex as bringing in stylists or florists and renting a studio. This is about you, and I want to make it completely yours. We’ll create a collaborative Pinterest board, or you can check out my inspiration board that will be ever growing for ideas. On the day of the shoot we will take time to make sure you’re at your most comfortable—- some folks have set the energy of the room using incense or candles, others just want a drink and a killer playlist. We’ll take time at the very beginning to sit down and talk, check in, and open up to each other. I’m here to make this be a super fun, empowering and special experience for you.

The nitty gritty: These intimate portraiture shoots are $500 for 1-2 hours, with at least 30 high resolution images delivered via online gallery. For these shoots I offer sliding scale for queer folks. And as always, kick ass allies are always welcome to book a shoot.

Below are some self portraits I took yesterday, along with a few of the beautiful images I’ve created in the last few years. Because of their vulnerable content, not all images I’ve shot I’m able to share. But these ones really grab at my heart.

So let’s strip down and get to the raw truths and depths of ourselves. You in?

self portrait3_Studioxiiiphotography