i like my water sparkling and my shoes flat.

i’m a wanderlust, a dreamer and an old soul.

my head belongs in the clouds,
and my heart belongs to the sea, the moon, and new york city.

i wholeheartedly believe in selfies as a form of self expression, and i feel all the feels.

i’m a fierce defender of human rights

i’m a lover and a fighter.

i am raw in my vulnerability

and i can’t wait to meet you. 

Here's what people have to say about working with Jamie:

I hired Jamie to photograph a wedding at City Hall in SF as a gift to the grooms. The experience was incredible. Jamie manages to capture not just the day or event but the truly beautiful, tiny, subtle moments in between. Its the difference between your standard wedding photo lineup and photographs that live and breathe into the future taking you back to the most precious of moments life has to offer. Jamie is as professional, warm, and friendly as they come. She will likely become your new best friend or a member of your family after working with her and you’ll be glad she is!
— Lynda B.
Jamie is one of the most loving, spunky and trustworthy hearts I know. My first experience with her was a solo photo shoot and she made it so comfortable and fun, it felt like I was hanging out with a friend that I had known forever. Fast forward to now, we just hired her to do our wedding photography in October 2019 and honestly she was the MAIN priority on our entire wedding list because she is THAT AMAZING. Her photos carry so much emotion and weight because she understands the meaning of these beautiful moments being captured. Not to mention she is one of the strongest voices I know for the Queer community, she always SHOWS UP! She is someone that understands on the deepest level that love has no boundaries and she captures that. Thank you for everything Jamie, we LOVE YOU!
— Kaylynn P.
Jamie is absolutely amazing! My husband and I hired her for our wedding photographer and I just don’t think a review does justice for the amazing job she does. She is so loving, professional, committed, and passionate about her profession and it shows in her work. We loved having her at our wedding and documenting our special day - she was like one of the family there! We’ve loved every photo she took from our wedding. Like I said, this review doesn’t do justice for just how wonderful she is. You will not regret hiring her!
— Ashley L.