Proud Business Project--The Queer Gym

Business Name: The Queer Gym

Website and Social Media: instagram: @thequeergym

Location: 2706 Park blvd Oakland, CA

Tell me about your business: We're the first queer gym ever. Our mission is to make happy, healthy homos by providing a safe space with a community that gives a damn about you.

How does your queer identity play a role in your work? It's the bread and butter of our business. i started this as just a really good lesbian and pretty ignorant about the rest of the queer community. As the gym has grown, so has my understanding of how to best serve the entire spectrum of the queer community. 

What makes you most proud as a business owner? That im still here. anyone can open a business, few can keep it going. 

What makes you most proud as a member of the LGBTQ community? I'm proud of how far we have come and how we are no longer taking any shit from anyone. 

What does community mean to you? community means giving a fuck! 

What has been one of your biggest challenges getting to where you are? As the business grows as I grow as a person. Self work can be a scary mother fucker, but it will plateau not only your business but who you are if you do it. If you don't, you won't go anywhere.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an up and coming queer entrepreneur?  If u wanna help the broke, u cant be one. 

The Proud Business Project is a photography project highlighting LGBTQ business owners and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who honor their identity in their business to serve their community in a bigger way. Do you know a proud business owner? Email with the subject "Proud Business Project".